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There's an art to the process of database design. It is translating seemingly chaotic concepts into a logical sound reality. It is applying technical skills in an inherently creative manner. It is knowing when an idea is on solid ground and not just blue sky theory. It is an art we have acquired through years of database development, interface design, structured programming, and project management. Our experience provides a foundation which you can build upon.

Darren Terry is a FileMaker 16 Certified Developer, and heads up the FileMaker Pro Development team at Pacific Data Management. He was Technical Liaison for Developer Relations at FileMaker, Inc. - the creators of the leading relational database and client-server tools for the Macintosh, and the fastest growing relational database engine on Windows - where he provided technical support to the FileMaker Solutions Alliance. Darren has been a featured speaker at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference, and has written articles for FileMaker Pro Advisor Magazine and ISO FileMaker Magazine. He is a FileMaker Pro trainer, teaching the "Stairway to 7" course in partnership with

Pacific Data Management uses FileMaker Pro to build cross-platform database applications - so you can easily communicate among PCs, Macintoshes, workstations, and servers. We create stand-alone and client-server solutions using FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro, as well as web-enabled database systems using FileMaker's built-in web publishing capabilities. A custom designed database system from Pacific Data Management is perfectly tailored to meet your needs, able to integrate with your existing data infrastructure, and designed to grow with your organization.

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