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Pacific Data Management (PDM) is a database consulting and development firm based in the San Francisco bay area. From our location in downtown San Jose, we service the entire western region of the United States. We are registered developers of Apple Computer Inc., 4D, Inc., and FileMaker, Inc. At PDM, our goal is to provide the highest-quality and most reliable database systems in the industry.

John Beaulieu, Dave Terry, and Dan Wasserman are the founders of Pacific Data Management, Inc. They started their database careers at ACI US, Inc. the publisher of 4th Dimension. Having leveraged their early Macintosh experience, they now provide a full range of database development services. PDM develops client/server solutions using the best tools available such as 4th Dimension, FileMaker Pro, Oracle, and Sybase.

PDM employs only experienced database designers. Every PDM engineer is skilled in relational database design, user interface creation, programming, and project management. Each engineer also has extensive experience in a variety of platforms.

PDM is prepared to meet your database development needs by offering the following services:

Database consulting and project management
System analysis, definition and specification writing
Stand-alone database design and programming
Multi-user, client/server database design and programming
Database conversions, across versions and products
Enhancement and optimization of existing database systems
Network installation and maintenance
Client/server solutions for most SQL databases (Oracle®, MSSQLServer®, Sybase®, DB2®)
Training, general and system specific
User and system documentation
Scheduled database maintenance

Our wide range of services allows us to provide a complete database solution. From initial consultation to final installation, PDM will guide you through the development process. We manage a wide range of project types and sizes and can deliver a high-quality system in a timely, cost efficient manner.

Modular project management
At Pacific Data Management, we use a modular/milestone approach to project management. This practical method divides a project into several modules. Each module is designed and implemented individually, yet managed as a component of the complete system. As modules are completed, the project is re-evaluated and its goals re-assessed. Modular project management provides a natural process to review a project and lets users directly participate in system design.

Iterative design process
Pacific Data Management employs an iterative design process. Progress cycles through analysis and definition, to implementation, to testing and feedback, and back to analysis. This cycle occurs rapidly and repeatedly over the course of a project. Iterative design allows for constant adjustments to end-user needs and reduces the time and cost of application development.

User participation
At Pacific Data Management, we encourage user participation at every stage of system development. During analysis and definition, user input reduces mismatched expectations and provides users with a sense of ownership. During design, user participation simplifies interface construction. Throughout development, user testing and evaluation keeps application development on track. This direct hands-on approach provides users with a better understanding of the underlying flow of information which in turn smoothes system introduction, reduces development and training costs, and increases total system use.

Total satisfaction
Your system is installed for regular use after you are completely satisfied with its capabilities. We can include user training, documentation and a back-up system as required. In addition, we offer support and maintenance agreements to keep your system running at peak performance.

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